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General Purpose: To persuade my audience to believe that children being placed in adult prisons is wrong. Specific Purpose: They number of children being housed in prisons is growing each day. Central Idea: In most cases, more than not children who are tried as adults are being placed in adult facilities are being denied they’re right to an education and are being placed in dangerous situations, these things can lead to a permenant idea of that being where they belong as well as a higher chance of reconviction. Organizational Pattern: Problem prevention Speech Title Introduction I. Are you aware that over 10,000 children are placed in adult correctional facilities, jails and prisons everyday in America. II. I’m sure we all knew that one kid that was always in trouble for something, whether it was because they had a bad childhood, or they were just bored. I know…show more content…
Obviously, children sentenced as adults receive a criminal record which restricts them from most employment and educational opportunities, such as financial aid, may arise. a. This takes away a lot of positive and effective help and intervention, which causes children struggle and fall into despair and hopelessness. b. These are part of the reasons that these children are 36 times more likely to commit suicide that those in the juvenile facilities. Connective III. What can be done to help bring change to this issue? a. States are being urged to increase the age required to be tried as an adult, more laws could be made to assist in decreasing youth indictment rates. b. But I do believe that the most important form of action would be to fully separate the juvenile and adult correctional facilities entirely. Conclusion I. In summary, children being tried as adults is becoming a growing problem in modern day America, it’s successfully corrupting our children into believing that the place they belong is the same place where 48 percent of them are sexually assaulted within the first forty-eight
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