Child's Grave By Jim Simmerman Analysis

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Jim Simmerman, the writer of “Child’s Grave, Hale County, Alabama,” was born on March 5, 1952 in Bolder, Colorado. Simmerman spent the most of his childhood traveling since his father was in the military. In 1978, he became an instructor at Northern Arizona University. He then left to earn a master’s degree at the University of Iowa, but he came back to continue his previous job. On June 29, 2009, Simmerman killed himself because of a debilitating illness he had (Bruner para. 16-20). This will be an analysis of Simmerman’s poem “Child’s Grave, Hale County, Alabama.” In this poem, a father is leaving the house in the middle of the night to bury his child. The father stole a two-by-four, and he snuck out on a cold December night to bury his
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