Chilean Dolphin Research Paper

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The species I will be focusing on is called, "The Chilean Dolphin, which is also known as, "The Black Dolphin." "This type of dolphin are small cetaceans with a stocky body shape and blunt beakless heads". "They measure about 1.7 m long on average and reach 60 kg in weight". Jefferson, T.A., S. Leatherwood, and M.A. Webber, Chilean Dolphins, MarineBio Conservation Society, The Chilean Dolphin is located in South America, in Chile ,south to Isla Navarino, Beagle Channel, and Cape Horn, Argentina. These dolphins have to live in shallow, coastal waters, for their body temperature to be just right. All animals, whether it 's dolphins, or turtles, feed on a prey, which is also known as their food

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