Chilling In Dracula

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The word ‘prey,’ a chilling noun used to represent one being hunted. The word ‘prey’ is an obvious “it depends how you use it word, but how Bram Stoker uses it in Dracula is truly evil. Although Bram Stoker uses the word ‘prey’ figuratively through Dracula, when used literally it is at its most chilling.
Stoker is using ‘prey’ commonly like anybody in our modern times would. Saying that something is “preying at one’s mind” or like a nag in more subtle terms. For example, in chapter nine Dracula has already been in London for a minute, and has sadly latched on to the beautiful Lucy Westenra. Draining her of her blood, slowly but surely night after night...although nobody knows of this. Arthur, Lucy, Dr. Seward, they’re all incognizant to the true situation. In pure fear of the future, Arthur writes a note to Dr. Seward pleading him to come see Lucy for he is “Sure that there is something preying on my dear girl’s mind.” Another example is the misunderstood Reinfield. In chapter 20, Dr. Seward is speaking to his patient about his “tendencies”. Seward is approaching
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For example, in chapter 16 Van Helsing is explaining the “curse of immortality.” He states “For all that die from the preying of the Undead become themselves Undead, and prey on their kind.” In simpler terms, he’s saying that when one gets preyed on by a vampire (drained, bitten), they become the very monster that killed them. Another example is in chapter 18 when Van Helsing is speaking about the fight with Dracula, and what will happen if they don’t win. He proclaims “I heed him not. But to fail here, is not mere life or death. It is that we become as him, that we henceforward become foul things of the night like him, without heart or conscience, preying on the bodies and the souls of those we love best.” Circling right back to my previous statement, they will become the very monster that killed
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