Chillingworth's Character Analysis Scarlet Letter

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Analysis of Components of The Scarlet Letter

“Thou hast escaped me!”-Chillingworth says. Throughout the course of the Scarlet Letter many of the characters suffer personal struggle and make choices that affect the lives of others. One such character is Roger Chillingworth or Mr. Prynne, if you will. The choices and changes of Roger Chillingworth will be explained throughout this essay.

The first point I will make is about Chillingworth’s main conflict in the story. His wife Hester Prynne, a main character is an adulterer. Upon finding this Chillingworth goes to the colony where Hester lives. She believes he has come to kill her and her child of sin but he truly intends to torture her partner in crime. This conflict occurs on pgs. 85 and 86 of The Scarlet Letter with Chillingworth saying “He bears no letter of infamy wrought into his garment, as thou, dost, but I shall read it on his heart.” This quote
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This terrible hate ultimately consumes Chillingworth to a death one short year after Dimmesdale passing. It is so strange that hate and love can be related this way. The same thing is seen in the Sith in the Star Wars films. One main character turns the dark side where hate and anger are the keys to power in attempt to save his loved one. The somewhat same thing happened to Chillingworth in the novel. He loved Hester, but turned to hate her and Dimmesdale because of their relationship. Anakin Skywalker ultimately dies because of his hatred too. As said by Claudia Durst Johnson in her article The Meaning of the Scarlet A -“Chillingworth’s evil character- like something right out of melodrama- if also reflected in his physical appearance”. In Star Wars, as Anakin becomes more evil, he loses two legs and an arm, and becomes horribly scarred by burns. The relation between these two is strong as they both deal with similar events in their lives affecting them in virtually the same
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