Chillingworth's Loss Of Innocence In Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, chapters fourteen through twenty-four, concludes the novel with astonishment. Due to previous events, Hester is forced to wear a scarlet letter as a form of punishment but surprisingly, with time, she begins to be respected and admired by society. Later, we realize that chillingworth is plotting against Dimmesdale and should be stopped. Hester and dimmesdale have a meet at the woods where things get rather intimate. After the meet on the woods events occur which lead to dimmesdale’s death but also his release from guilt. It is no surprise that at last Hester gets her happy ending. At the beginning of the chapters I noticed how chillingworth was filled with hatred and rage. He did not wanted to forgive…show more content…
The witch mistress, and the fact that Chillingworth was traveling with them, made him realize that he was committing a sin. He felt as if he was allying with the devil and he needed to come clean to the whole town. As he finished his sermon he told the people present about his sin, and also told chillingworth about his sins. I feel that his release from all the guilt gave him great peace and that’s why he died. Chillingworth died a year later and gave his properties to pearl in which hester and her took advantage of. They both left the town and years later Hester went back and it is said that she did, amazingly, get her happy ending, which she did indeed deserve. This story written by Hawthorne is without doubt, a tragically, amazing story. It revolves around love and judgment and embodies the way judgement affects a human being. Even though all the characters that were being constantly tortured by guilt, at the end, got released of it. This story makes you realize that we should keep secrets because it could basically eat alive. Hawthorne extraordinarily shows what love and strong will can
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