Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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»The American Embassy« is a short story written by the Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The story is about the corruption and suppression that takes place in Nigeria, more precisely in Lagos, where the short story is set. Some brave men stand up against the leaders and risk their lives for democracy. A woman stands in a life-changing situation after she just has experienced that everything in her life has been torn apart. Which destiny lies in wait for the Nigerians? Will freedom of speech ever occur in the hard oppressed, African country? The American Embassy is a short story due to the limited gallery of characters, the unified plot/story line, a conflict that tends to change the main character’s/protagonist’s life/perspective…show more content…
Ma’am? She heard the interviewer’s voice behind her. She didn’t turn. She walked out of the American embassy past the beggars who still made their rounds with enamel bowls held outstretched, and got into her car.” After a touching, emotional and informative interview the main character feels so upset or miffed (offended) that she walks away holding her head up high. Themes that are worth mentioning in this short story could be suppression and life changing experiences. These themes can be connected to the message which could be that every once in a lifetime there will occur life changing experiences you from time to time are compelled to accept/realize before moving further in life. Thus the female character has lost her son and probably also her husband (although we do not know) she keeps her head high while ignoring the interviewer at the American embassy. If freedom of speech ever will become a reality in Nigeria is a hard question to answer. Adichie confronts this issue in her short story by depicting a man’s flight from the government. But due to the growing globalization and modernization this human right perhaps will find place in the hard depressed African country. Finally, there is nothing more to say. When life gives you lemons, do as Beyoncé, make lemonade and walk out the room
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