Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Views In TED Talks?

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a famous writer born and raised in the African country of Nigeria. She grew up in a lovely university town with her family. According to Adichie, she started reading at the tender age of four and began writing her stories at the age of seven. She talked about the contrast that she and her characters in her stories shared. She had dark skin and ate mangos, while her characters had pale skin and consumed things like apples and ginger beer. She didn’t write much things about her culture, because most of the books that she was exposed to came from America and Britain. She explained that books about Africa, its culture and heroes were hard to come by. However when she was introduced to African writers like Achebe and Laye, she was inspired to write books that she could personally identify with.…show more content…
She helps us realize that though many books were written from the perspective of one person, there was more than one side to a story and that we should strive to hear it. She looks back at an earlier time when she was just eight years old. She spoke about meeting a young boy name Fide who lived in a poor village. Her mother would always comment about how Fide’s family had nothing, and how poor they were economically. One day, she visited Fide’s home, where she saw a beautiful woven basket. Surprisingly, the person who made the basket was Fide’s brother. It was a shock to her belief systemize that someone from Fide’s family or more importantly someone who could live in such poverty could construct something so beautiful. This made her come to a realization that she had fallen into the sticky web of a single

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