Chimerica In America

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Driven by the flow of globalization, the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America are just like the Yangtze River and the Columbia River that empty into the Pacific Ocean from different coasts and lastly intersect and compete against each other on the world’s stage. Because of this certain trend, the term “Chimerica” has been coined to describe “the integration process of the North American and Chinese economies” by Ferguson and Schularick (2007). Furthermore, in the article Chimerica: U.S.-China communication for the Twenty-first Centruy, utilizing Chimerica to promote international political relationships between China and America has been regarded as a method to cooperative development and global harmony (Jia et al, p.…show more content…
168). Indeed, this kind of functional Chimerican contribute to the future of Chimerica. Whereas, I concern that this opinion may simultaneously result in expanding unbalanced development and even unharmonious society. In the article, authors declare that all Chinese and Americans are drawn into Chimerica and forwardly or passively becoming a member of Chimerica (p. 168). I consider that since all people between two countries participate in Chimerica pattern, then Chimerica should have enough inclusiveness to admit functional or unfunctional individuals, rather than set threshold to reject unfuctional but passionate individuals. Furthermore, overemphasizing the role of such all-round talents in Chimerica will increase more prospects and opportunities for their work. On the contrary, no all people have enough educational or social resource conditions to accept and absorb “a working knowledge of the geography, history, economy, politics, culture, and media”. Consequently, other people who master less Chimerica knowledge will suffer from the ice age of their careers, so that the social gap between the rich and the poor will widen. Due to the relatively
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