Chimpanzee Personality

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If I say that I am part chimpanzee, would you believe me? Based on the qualities that I embody, you can surely agree. Chimpanzees are loyal to their peers, and can be very humorous. I have noticed that loyalty runs deep within me, and my humorous ways gain the liking of many people. Unfortunately, society suffers from a disease called laziness. Being lazy is a quality that I am trying, and willing to anything to conquer. I am a very humorous and loyal person. I feel loyal and humorous people bring positive energy to society, while laziness plagues humans in a negative aspect.

Respect and loyalty are two behaviors that I heavily practice, which the chimpanzee society is based on. Seeking for trust, the human society lacks loyal people.
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These primates inherit a quality of being humorous. Humans, such as myself, and chimpanzees share this quality, which cause our peers to appreciate our presence. Humorous people are easy to socialize with, and brings positivity to the conversation, or the environment. When I was in 4th grade, I noticed that I could change any mood into a positive situation. There was this girl in my class, whose home life was not stable and very dejected. She admired coming to school, because I would turn her frown into a smile. My humorous ways would remove those noxious, horrific ideas from her mind and put her in a positive state of mind. The idea of being accompanied by humorous or funny people gives one the sense of happiness. Maybe if we had more humorous people in the world, society would not be so…show more content…
On multiple occasions, I have seen people sitting around, being lazy and an image of a chimpanzee pops into my head. We all can remember a time when being lazy was the only thing on your mind. Sometimes I find myself going over the border line with being lazy. Being 20 years old, there is no need for a person my age to be lazy. How I am going to fulfil my physical trainer aspirations being lazy? Perceiving that I sometimes go into idle mode, this flawed habit has been an issue my whole life. I feel that if I am lazy in my young adult stage in life, when I get older I will not have anything accomplished or established. When I make 40 years old, I would like to retire and travel the world. If my lazy habits do not change, I will be unable to take part in my ongoing dream to travel. People all over the world have let the plague of laziness infest their mind and body, and I refuse to become one of those
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