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Did you know that chimpanzees are one of our closest relatives? Humans and chimps actually share 95% to 98% of the same DNA! Chimpanzees are actually very similar to humans and they can even catch or be infected with human diseases. Chimps are even similar to us with both body and behavior. They could also learn both american sign language and be taught human language.

The tropical rainforests climate is moist and has very wet tropical rain. Chimpanzees tropical rainforests is located in Africa and is also located in over 21 African countries. Chimpanzees are also located in the biggest rainforest on earth which is the Amazon. The Amazon is located in Brazil. The Amazon is extremely big and is actually the largest rainforest in the world!
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Some biotic things in the Amazon are tall trees, shrubs, other animals, and other plants. Some abiotic things in this rainforest are water and sunlight. The trees are important because they live on the trees and other animals are important because they are essential in the reproductive processes with the rainforest plants. The sunlight and water is important in the Amazon because if the rainforest didn’t have the right amount of both sunlight and water, then the plants wouldn’t be able to grow and would die.

Chimpanzees faces are pinkish to black. Their bodies are covered with long black fur. They are about 3 to 5 feet tall. A male chimpanzee weighs about 90-120 pounds and females weigh about 60-110 pounds. Their favorite foods are fruits and young leaves, but they also eat other varieties of food. Other foods they eat are nuts, seeds, insects, and every now and then, they hunt and eat meat. Some meat is other monkeys or bushbuck.

Some interesting facts about chimps is that wild chimpanzees only live in central Africa! They also laugh while playing. They even groom each other because it helps relations within the community and calms nervous or tense chimps. But when they are angry or scared, their hair stands on-end. The only reason that they aren’t meant to be pets, is because when they are fully grown they could be 5 to 6 times of a human 's strength! So, chimpanzees are, and live in a beautiful tropical

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