Chimpanzees Vs Orangutans Essay

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Why Orangutans are more Similar to Humans than Chimpanzees For about thirty years chimpanzees were thought to be the closest related animal to humans, until two biologists decided to look further into what primate was actually closest related to humans. They decided that it was actually orangutans and not chimpanzees. This caused chaos in the science world, after all the facts were out and being conversed about everybody decided that the two biologist were correct and that orangutans were more similar to humans than what chimpanzees were. The studies and tests on the fossilized apes all went back to appearance. Orangutans and humans just look more closely related than humans and chimpanzees. Orangutans Orangutans share ninety-seven percent of the same DNA patterns as humans. What shows of that ninety-seven percent would include 28 unique physical characteristics,like two arms, two legs, and so on. It has been proven that orangutans are super smart they have been ranked number one on the non-human primate list. Studies have shown that orangutans like humans plan their next day a whole day in…show more content…
In studies they both have been given a selection of tools to choose from for a unique and if they chose the correct one they would get a reward for choosing correctly. Some were even able to hold on to the specific tool for up to fourteen hours at a time and still be able to point out what the tool was for. Both species of apes spend the majority of their lives in the trees as well as when they sleep. One more similarity between orangutans and chimpanzees that they do not share with humans would be that there is something called a telomere which is something that is used to call the DNA sequences that just repeat over and over. For all apes including chimps and orangutans have 32,000 pairs of telomere. While humans the only primate that does not have 32,000 humans only have enough sequences to be 10,000

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