China Brand Expansion Case Study

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An article that is made as a reading material for this assignment is about brand expansion on how China’s race to conquer world markets. Basically, this article talks about how a brand is expanded successfully of a country in the market. Chinese firms have begun on a quest to conquer the world market with the help of Western know-how. This shows that China is working for a better globalization. Besides that, the article illustrated the importance of brand expansion in a country and how international joint venture works to penetrate world markets. The drivers contributing to the formation of this trend is most of companies in a country do not emphasize in brand expansion, which leads to being discriminated against by other countries. This…show more content…
Increasingly companies will adopt this approach as part of their growth strategies especially in the international arena. Foreign companies will combine their technological and monetary resources and taking advantage of respective market conditions in order to benefit mutually. Soon international joint ventures will become the norm rather than the exception and in more industries than ever before. China will be moving forward to a global economic system. Most of businesses and industries in one’s country are greatly needed to get involved with the brand expansion and use joint venture strategy to develop an innovation and enhancement of company and to maintain good business internationally as well as company’s image and standards. The expansion of its companies is encouraged by the Chinese government and aiming to turn the country into a center of innovation. The projected outlook of this incident is a world-class car. Daimler has already taken a stake in BAIC, the car division of Beijing Automotive Group. Before proceed to this project, the Chinese need to improve the quality of their vehicles. There is much speculation in China about BAIC returning the favor by purchasing a stake in the German luxury…show more content…
Now I have further understanding on how International business works and I know how to think globally about the business world. Based on the article that I chose, I can somewhat relate to globalization and the International strategy that I’ve learned in my tutorial class.
Some of the challenges and difficulties that I’ve found in learning from the lectures and tutorials so far are sometimes the lecturer is not good in explaining and I find it hard to understand. During discussion, it is also quite hard for some people to understand a theory by playing games. Besides that, lecturer takes a long time to reply emails and less time in actually having a one-on-one discuss with the
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