China Dream Case Study

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“China’s does not see itself as a rising, but a returning power. It does not view the prospect of a strong China exercising influence in economic, cultural, political, and military affairs as an unnatural challenge to the world order – but rather as a return to a normal state of affairs”.
Henry Kissinger (2012)


On November 2012, Xi Jinping was appointed as secretary of the Congress Party. This appointment has witnessed an important milestone in the history of China and it is a starting point to a change in foreign policy and international relations of China. This appointment also shows the starting point of a new era in China's domestic politics. Approaching
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The seven new approaches have been presented by Xi Jinping are;

1.3.1. Promoting the concept of “China Dream”. Xi Jinping describes what is experienced as “China Dream” on 29 November 2012 which admits the two primary objectives; first is doubled per capita income of about US $ 600 to USD 1,200 by about 2020, and the second to ensure China is coming forth as a major economic force in the Earth by mid-century.

1.3.2 Declared goal of becoming a strong maritime power. The 18th Party Congress stated that in the near future China has to “improve the exploitation of water resources, develop the maritime economy, protect aquatic ecosystems/ocean, going along to protect the country’s maritime interests, build a maritime power.” in other words, Xi Jinping officially included the formation of a maritime power into the national
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Xi Jinping goal is China and Africa shares the same goals for prosperity and misery. He announced four key areas that determine China's new Africa policy; (1) China will strive to function as a safeguard peace and stability in Africa, support African nations in resolving regional problems independently, actively participated in the negotiation and settlement of the crosscutting African burning issue, and encourage African nations to work problems through talks and talks, (2) China will strive to help economic growth in Africa by encouraging Chinese companies to actively extend their investment in Africa while taking seriously their social obligation, (3) The Chinese government will tolerate as a strong advocate, a united Africa by enhancing cooperation with the African Union, sub-regional African organizations, and the New Partnership for Africa's Development and, (4) China will strive to facilitate the equal participation in international affairs Africa and urged the international community to establish a constructive contribution to peace and development in Africa.

1.3.7 Increasing great power responsibility. China’s new leaders represent the first multiplication of leaders born after the foundation of the PRC and have a firmer sense of global responsibility than their precursors. The two important demonstrations of this displacement are the “viewpoint on justice and interests” c (yiliguan ),
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