China Environmental Pollution

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China is facing one of the huge problems such an environmental pollution today and it is causing irreparable harm to the country. Air pollution is the one of the form of environmental pollution that has been struggling against by China for many years. Air pollution is caused by gases released by vehicles, factories, and even smokes from burning leaves and cigarettes. Particularly, coal is the main reason for the degradation of air quality. As Tan (2013) claims “China burned about half of the world’s coal in 2009 and China receives 70 % energy from coal”. Certain disease, such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies, lung cancer, and even death can be present in people who are poisoned by air pollution. All things considered that China should pay more attention to reduce pollution by effective methods. Potential ways to overcome this problem are to build factories at a distance from residential areas, to use alternative energy that is less dependent on coal, to recycle trashes and to shift fuels of vehicles to natural gases. One way to deal with air pollution in China is to establish industrial factories at a distance from people living areas. Obviously, China takes first place at manufacturing sphere in the world by having a lot of factories. However, the gases and other harmful chemical compounds that are produced by factories are being the main point in the contamination of the air. For instance, “pollution from Hebei’s factories

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