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China-Laos Economic Corridor Opens New Opportunities for Thai Goods
China has made gigantic investment in railway connectivity to the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Kingdom of Thailand and ASEAN in order to welcome the large economic expansion of the southern part of its country. The investment is part of the international connection between Kunming in Yunnan district and Singapore. The idea has become solid after Eurasian countries signed Trans-Asian Railway Network Agreement, and one of the project is to build railroads from Kunming to Singapore. The project also posses as a crucial chance for Thailand to attach itself to a Chinese supply chain, and push the country as a centre of ASEAN.
The Kunming-Singapore route is a project China aims to bridge itself to Southeast Asia, in order to supply goods and resources to the Southern territory. The project has 3 main routes, which are;
Eastern Route; linking China-Vietnam-Cambodia (however, the route offers small trade opportunities when compared to the second route. Another problem is the recent depreciate relationship between China and Vietnam in South China Sea dispute)
Middle Route; linking China-Laos-Thailand
Western Route; linking China-Myanmar (still facing issues such as ethnic minorities dispute at the borders)
There are other high speed train routes
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The whole project offers Thailand a great opportunity, as the country is geographically in the centre of ASEAN, to become a trading nation by promoting services in logistics. Moreover, China aims for Thailand to be a door to the 1,200 million people market in India and vice versa. So far, Indian companies have shown interests to establish headquarters in Thailand in order to expand to CLMV countries and China, as Tata Industry and Indorama had done

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