China Market Cultural Report

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Market Cultural Report

Executive Summary
This report focuses on the preparation of a market cultural report on China. China, with its emerging market and remarkable GDP, together with its cheap labour force and raw materials entice me to choose it as my country of choice. A thorough analysis will be done on the cultural factors on China, focusing on some of their unique cultural components, using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions as a guide.
Through the analysis and evaluation of the secondary data, differences between the business culture of both Singapore and China will be mentioned so that relevant recommendations can be made to businesses in order for them to compete and operate effectively in China.
Rationale for choosing China
The rationale
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It has a total population of 1.357 billion which made up of 56 different ethnic groups (China Culture, n.d.). The Han ethnic group is the largest ethnic group in china which is made up of 92% of the whole population in china. The rest of the population consist of zhuang, mongolian, hui, miao, dong, uygur, manchu, tibetian, yao and other different ethnics groups which is made up of 8% of the total population in china. China is also a country with a diverse range of religions such as Taoism, Shamanism, Dongba, Buddhism, Christianity and also Islam with more than a 100 million followers of different religions which made china a unique culture (China,…show more content…
It concerns mainly on how people think about themselves in terms of “I” or “We”. An individualist only look after their family and themselves while a Collectivist find themselves more suitable to be in a group that can take care of one another which in turn gains loyalty.
Under the grading for individualism, China and Singapore was given a score of 20. The rankings showed that both countries belongs to a highly collectivist society where people serve the interest of the collective group. This means that relationships between colleagues are close and they cooperate with one another to achive future goals.
Masculinity versus femininity Masculinity refers to “ the society will be likely to excel by competitions, achievements and success” while Femininity refers to “the dominant importance in society is the way of life and caring for one another”. China was given a score of 66 which shows that they are a masculine society whom are success driven and oriented while Singapore had a score of 48. This shows that many Chinese put work as their first priority while family and leisure time comes second as leisure time is not as of importance as compared to success.


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