China Population Problems

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Topic -the attitude of China government treat huge population problems

My research topic is the attitude of China government treat huge population problems. China is a developing country, it has the biggest population in the world, the population of China has reached 1.26 million in 1997 population surveys,that is according 21% of the world population.
China has more than 1.3 billion people and it is the most popular country on Earth. Since it has a huge population, however, its economic foundation is weak. As a result, many contradictions and problems in China 's economic and social development are closely associated with the issue of population, which has become the key factor and primary problem that restricted China
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It means that if there have five people on Earth, one is from China Population. It shows that the percentage of China population is very huge. This shows China has an obvious problem of people population has increased rapidly. Thus, the government of China has encouraged people to have family planning. In fact, the population control policy has been carried out for many years, but still they can’t meet their aims. Although Chinese couples, mostly have had only one child, current government policy, It still needs to nearly two-thirds of all families are no more than every couple has one child.

2. China’s population is ageing the overpopulation will cause high birth rates and the decline in death rates, lead to nature rapid growth. Nowadays, human technology has been improved a lot than before, For example, the medical technology progress, environmental health improvement, and food production increase. These make the people of China become healthier and their average ages lie between 70-75 years old.
Owning to the better nutrition, sanitation, health care, education and economic wellbeing - the death rates have been decreased than before, this caused the unbalance population in
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That has been a recurring problem in the country for a long time. Although the government has been implemented the birth control. However, the government still cannot achieve his aim. Therefore, the government must improve the employment for the citizens, that is, to provide them more working opportunities for the Chinese people. Moreover, more schools and universities should be set up for the youth and children. In addition, the government should provide better medical services for people. Finally, more housing estates should be built in order to solve the housing problem for the great

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