Case Study: China Southern Airlines

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Findings As one of the issues raised by the China Southern Airlines Company Limited are the changes of the company’s internal and external environment. In 2006, the securities regulatory commission of china strengthened the control of the listed companies. There were more demands and higher standards in perfecting the regulation system. On the other hand, there was the trusted wealth management losses, operating losses, appearing in China Southern Airlines, which showed that system did not adapted to the needs of the development of the company. These problems not only interfered with the ascent of the management level, but also hinder the achievement of strategic goals. First of all, the quality of customer service also…show more content…
Many people are unfamiliar with China Southern Airlines so they might be worry to take their plane. Due to China Southern Airlines past issues regarding to their safety level, they had improved their standards of safety substantially and safety meets international standards. For example, China Southern Airlines has been involved in a handful of accidents, the last major incident being a crash in 1997, but now its safety record is comparable with other international airlines. This accident happened is because of the language ability of pilots as misunderstanding of instructions from air traffic control and ground crew. Currently, China Southern Airlines has partnered with US partners to raise the quality of staff training and aircraft…show more content…
In our research for China Southern Airlines Company Limited, we found out that several practices like strategic human resource planning, training and development, compensation and benefits and also safety and health is applying well. But improvement still needed to enhanced company result. Certain actions shall be taken to protect and improve the reputation of the company. Moreover, China Southern Airlines Company Limited is a big company. They may be occur some minor problem in the company such as the changes of the company’s internal and external environment, poor of the airport ground service quality, low level safety of airline, and the lower wages that give to company employees may lead to unfairness feeling of employees. Therefore, China Southern Airlines Company Limited should solve this problem effectively and efficiency. In addition, to solve the problem the are happen in the China Southern Airlines Company Limited, they can use the four management concept to operate the company, by giving a training to the employee to learn how to treat customer as well as possible. Besides, China Southern Airlines Company Limited can also reward a higher wages to the employee to increase spirit during working hours and always aware of the employee’s

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