China's Lost Girls Analysis

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China’s Lost Girls video describes how child’s one child policy affects parents, and children drastically. The Chinese started this policy to decrease the population and Largest population control effort in history. Parents are told to only have one child and are fined thousands of dollars if they want to keep a second child. In Chinese society boys carry the last name and don 't leave home and at their parent old age they take care of them but the girls are married off and leave home. Which means boys are the preferred one baby choice. If a Chinese wife has a girl first most of the time she is sent to an orphanage, abandoned, hidden, aborted or killed. One out of Four girls adopted in the US are from China. Americans are doing their part to save young Chinese girls. The adoption process is about $18,000 and Chinese government approves them and assigns them baby by picture only. As a child, my…show more content…
Chinese families are panicking and have resorted to kidnapping and buying or selling women to become husbands. Just like in America I feel like this is a form of sex-trafficking and we should start programs to help these women 's. Things could get a lot worse and the girls in America could end up being kidnapped and sent back to the country that forsook them All in all this video was very informative, convinced me to want to adopt and made me take the human life even more seriously. This video and others like it need to be broadcasted more often and showed in other classes. It can inform of the world issues and help us to be part of the world even more. I 've always believed change starts with you and me doing a little part can make a difference even if it is only one or two girls lives. Human life is so precious and should be taken more seriously even more so the lives of women who make birth and continuation of the human race
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