China's One Child Policy Dbq

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The one-child policy helps children in China have a much better life. China’s population was the largest in the world and a very poor country at the same time. Still, the chairman called for people to have even more children. His advisors were against this decision. Finally, in 1980, the one-child policy was placed upon China (BE). The question is, is this a good or bad policy that was placed upon China. China’s policy was a good idea because the children are the center of attention, it eases the pressure on the environment, and the children get a better education. The children in China are the center of attention in their family. “A.J. Song, 23, is the only child in his family…” He states,”’ I really appreciate (being the) only child, especially…show more content…
In China, “the population controls have kept sulfur dioxide emissions down by 17.6% and reduced water shortages by 30.8%. If people in Henan didn’t have the policy, they wouldn’t have near as much land. (Document C). The environment needs help all around the world and the one-child policy is doing just that. This is another way I support this policy. Little children in China also get a better education because of the policy. A.J. Song also says that Chinese research shows an advantage in education, “they tend to score better on intelligence tests…” He also says,” If you have more kids in your family, they’re probably lacking in education…” (Document F). Children that have a sibling have to split the attention with each other, so when they don’t have a sibling, they get a better education. When all the attention is on them, their parents can help them. The opposing argument wishes that chinese kids could have siblings. However, this leads to abortion and sterilization. You see, the policy was a good idea because the children are the center of attention, it eases pressure on the environment, and children get a better education. China still has to decide if their one-child policy was a good
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