The Value Of Universal Human Rights In China

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Human rights are universal

Human rights are based on the principle of respect of the individual. It also is a rights are inherent to all human being that whatever the nationality, place of residence, national or ethic origin, sex, religion, color, language,etc. Those right are indivisible and interdependent. People are all equally in human right and without any discrimination.Universal human rights are expressed by law. In this case, human rights law is responsibility by governments to act in certain ways. Government can promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms in individuals or groups.Their fundamental assumption is a moral and rational being who deserves to be treated with dignity.

The content of human rights are universal. People should respect the common standard of human rights. Those common standard are represent in the country people need to respect the standard human rights. In the standard The principle of universality of human rights is a foundation of Universal Human rights law. It is first emphasized in Universal Declaration In 1948, The United nation had issued the universal Declaration of Hu an Rights, which had set the human rights standards for all nations. It stated that “All Human being are born free and equal in dignity and
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The Chinese government took a high-hand to those people who are political dissident, and those people will deprivation of freedom of expression, liberty and political rights. From the case in 1989 “Tiananmen Square Protests” until now, Chinese government had continued to arrest the people who are dissidents, and with unfair treatment to them. Most of the people gave the Chinese government to cite them in counter - revolution this point to under arrest and go to jail. After release from the jail the Chinese government will restrict their freedom of movement and deprived their political

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