Chinese Chariot Research Paper

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The Ancient Chinese Chariot

The Horse-Drawn chariot is a vehicle on two wheels drawn by two horses. It could carry up to two to four people including the Charioteer. There is no specific date on when the Ancient Chinese chariot was made but Chinese evidence shows that the chariot became popular around 1200 BCE in the last years of the Shang dynasty. There is no specific founder of the chariot, but according to Chinese legend, the Horse-Drawn Chariot was invented by a Yellow Emperor or one of his ministers named Hsi Chung. It was used as a war vehicle on the open fields and plains of Ancient China from around 1200 BCE. The first use of the chariot in a war was in the 21st Century BCE in the Battle of Gan. The Ancient Chinese chariot or ‘Zhan Che’ were used by generals and leaders as a mobile way to command troops as well as being used by archers and
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The society from which the chariot was made from shows that they were advanced militarily. The chariot was a great advancement on the field. It could be used for fast advances and fast retreats. The chariot also helped economically. The chariot was a great way of exporting and importing goods into and out of China. Ancient Chinese chariots could go up to an estimated 35 to 40 mph. This meant that China could economically grow fast.
The Ancient Chinese chariot was important because it was a major advancement from Camels and Cavalry. It helped people travel in greater quantities and with greater speeds.
Another reason the Chinese chariot was important and unique is because it helped China win several wars because Instead of cavalry holding one person per horse, the chariot could hold up to 4 or even 8 people if the carriage was big enough.
If I got the chance to ask the people who used this artifact I would probably ask them, “How long did it take to build one chariot?,” and, “Who made the chariot?”
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