Chinese Cinderella Child Abuse Quotes

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Child abuse was, unfortunately, very common in China during the mid-1900s. Adeline, a young Chinese girl whom this book is about, was often abused during her childhood. Chinese Cinderella, a novel by Adeline Yen Mah, is about young Adeline’s life, which seems to be extremely depressing. Throughout the story, Adeline is constantly abused, ignored, and treated cruelly. Throughout Chinese Cinderella, Adeline is abused by her parents and siblings. Frequently, she is verbally abused by her siblings by being called many rude names. “‘You don't know because you are stupid!’” (Mah 14). This quotes Big Sister calling Adeline stupid for something she didn't know the answer to. It is important because it gives evidence that Adeline is abused and treated unfairly at home, though most people outside the family do not sense that at all. In the book,…show more content…
“‘Not only are you a liar and a thief, but you are manipulative as well. Nothing will ever come of you!’” (103). This quote shows how Niang is unusually cruel to her stepchildren. It proves Father doesn't notice what Niang says and does to his children. “I couldn't possibly tell anyone the truth: how worthless and ugly Niang made me feel most of the time…” (54). It is important because it supports the belief that Adeline feels despised by her family. This proves that Niang is seriously affecting her stepdaughter's feelings. Adeline is treated unfairly by her family, especially by her parents. In Chinese Cinderella, Adeline Yen Mah’s story about her childhood experiences, she suffered and she wasn't happy, but she always knew things would get better someday. Because Adeline persevered through a rough childhood, she was finally no longer was abused, ignored, or treated cruelly by her mid-teens. Nowadays, child abuse and cruelty is uncommon and unacceptable. Though Adeline’s life story had an unpleasant beginning, as of now, it has a happy
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