Chinese Cinderella Essay

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Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Meh is a depressing story I hate getting flashbacks from things I don 't want to remember. -Anonymous When Adeline was born her mother died and then her family started to abuse her physically and verbally. Spacing My personnel opinion about Chinese Cinderella is that it is a depressing story because she gets abused by everyone except two ithat are the grandfather and the aunt. That is why I think that Chinese Cinderella is a depressing story . When Adeline and her family iwhen her mother died they blamed it on Adeline ,but when father married Naing everything became different from what it was or what it would become. Naingi was a terrible mother Naing never lets Adeline go anywhere with…show more content…
One of the reasons that Adeline 's is so depressed is because the first thing is the fact that Adeline never gets any mail from anyone because her parents have forbiddened anyone from getting any mail. When she goes she was very small and then when she was older her parents never got here any new clothes and then she became known as the referee. She had made friends at her school but then her parents had have enough so then they had sent her to an orphanage. Finally no one cares about Adeline because if someone did then she would not feel like she is nothing and then she would have felt better about her self and then she probably would have had a better thought about herself and maybe about her friends. That is why I think that Chinese Cinderella is a depressing story. My whole essay shows that how Adeline is mentally and physically abused by most of her family. The reason that I chose this is because that during her lifetime she never got any love from her parents especially Naing when she married father so then she got even less respect. Chinese Cinderella was a depressing story because she got through hard times from when her mother died and then when father had remarried she then had such little respect from anyone that she became as if she was meant to be
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