Chinese Cinderella

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“Chinese Cinderella is the true story of my childhood up to the age of fourteen[...]My family considered me bad luck[...]They discriminated against me and made me feel unwanted all my life.” (Yen Mah xi). Chinese Cinderella is about a young girl who was unwanted and unloved. Her family was cruel and barbaric. She grew up in a tough time when the communists were invading China and that wasn 't even the worst of her problems. In the autobiography, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, is a depressing story because her father doesn 't remember his daughter 's name or birthday, her siblings blame Adeline for their mother 's death, and that she wanted to be part of a different family who was kinder to her. Overall, this is a very depressing story.

Adeline 's siblings blame her for their mother 's death even though she barely knew her. “Your mother came down with a high fever three days after you were born. She died when you were two weeks old…” (Yen Mah pg. 3). After Adeline
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Since most of Adeline’s parents were cruel and monstrous, when she was saved by her Aunt Reine Schilling and her family without being told to from her own family, she loved them more than her own family. The Schillings had two kids, Victor and Claudine, who were about Adelines age a little bit older and a little bit younger. The two were best friends and playful with each other. “They made me feel as if I were their child.” (Yen Mah pg. 142). Her aunt 's family was more fair with her than her own family. They had saved her from St. Joseph 's ,where her parents had put her in boarding school when the communists were coming, because they had remembered her and cared for her. “I actually felt as if I were part of the Schilling family and no longer the unwanted daughter that always came last.” (Yen Mah pg. 143). In Adeline’s family they didn’t care about her or love her but with the Shillings, they were kind, funny, and equal with one another. Overall, Adeline loved another family more
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