Chinese Cinderella Research Paper

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Cinderella has been a story told for years about a girl who is treated very poorly. Although have you ever heard the real story of cinderella? The novel Chinese Cinderella is a story about a real girl in china and her life. Chinese Cinderella is an inspirational story. The main character in the book Adeline, works hard for school. Meanwhile, she works hard because she has the hope that she can achieve her goals for the future. For example Adeline says, “The people in my books become real than anyone else, they make me forget.” Yen Mah pg. 173. This means that Adeline really focuses in school and continues to achieve her goals by studying hard and reading books. Adeline, throughout the novel explains how she can prove to Niang and father that…show more content…
One quote on page 133 is, “For a few minutes I felt safe again.” this is a quote coming from Adeline’s conscience and how she feels safe when she is not around Niang. It is important because the emotion is persistently on Adeline’s mind when near Niang or Father. Last, Adeline states on page 52, “ She is my best friend and cares about me in every way. Not only about my hair, my clothes, and how I look; but also about my studies, my thoughts and what I am.” this is one of the most powerful quotes overall said by Adeline. Here, Adeline shows her emotions throughout her life and how she feels about her family and friends. Aunt Baba was one of the only people who guided Adeline into thinking that she was not a nobody and could make a difference in her family and overall her life. Finally, The novel Chinese Cinderella is not only a depressing story but it is very inspirational on a true story of the original Chinese Cinderella Ye Xian. Today, we should be very thankful and blessed that we don 't have to live in the harsh conditions as Adeline and we should be grateful that we don 't have to feel not wanted Or
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