Chinese Coping Strategy

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1.1 Research Background
Malay entrepreneurs seem to be left behind when compared to Chinese entrepreneurs. The population of the Malay entrepreneurs might be increasing but it is not promising. Malay entrepreneurs are less capable of surviving and growing, as they tend to be inexperienced, late in joining the business world with less business exposure and less innovative and creative compared to the Chinese entrepreneurs (Charlesworth, 1974). Moreover, Malays now lag behind the Chinese in controlling the whole Malaysian economic system because the British favored the Chinese for business. As a result, huge inequalities are found between the Chinese and the Malays in areas such as education, employment and entrepreneurship (Alam, Mohd, Kamaruddin,
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Coping strategy can be used to eliminate the stress. The coping strategy can be divided into two which are emotion-focused and problem focused coping. The research on entrepreneurship scope is negligible. There were few researchers had done this kind of research. Most of them focus on medical scope such as nursing and patients with severe diseases like cancer. According to Folkman and Moskowitz (2004), the past 35 years have seen a dramatic proliferation of coping research across social and behavioral science, medicine, public health, and nursing. Research ranges from small-sample qualitative studies to large-scale population-based studies, with content ranging from the exploration of abstract theoretical relationships to applied studies in clinical settings (Folkman & Moskowitz, 2004). This is an opportunity for the researcher to dig more on this scope so that it will beneficial for the future researchers and to the entrepreneurs or public for quality of life improvement. Folkman and Moskowitz (2004) stated that many investigators undertook this research with the hope that the concept of coping might help explain why some individuals fare better than others do when encountering stress in their…show more content…
To investigate emotion-focused toward quality of life of Sarawak Malay entrepreneurs
2. To investigate problem-focused toward quality of life of Sarawak Malay entrepreneurs
3. To assess the relationship between coping strategies and quality of life among the Sarawak Malay entrepreneurs

1.5 Research Scope
This research determines the coping strategies and quality of life among the Sarawak Malay entrepreneurs. Target respondents will be the Sarawak Malay entrepreneurs in Kuching. 1.6 Research Significance
The outcomes of the study are beneficial either to the present researchers or the future researchers as they will conduct similar research in the future. By doing the research, it can help the researchers to establish the coping strategies in order to improve the quality of life.
The contributions of this study would be interest to marketers to learn how to handle their stress by using either emotion-focused or problem-focused coping strategies. As a result, it will enhance their quality of life
In fact, the study is also beneficial to the public organization such as universities, hospital and local authorities in enhancing the quality of life among them from the findings and analysis that will gather from this
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