Chinese Cuisine: Different Cultures Of Chinese Cuisines In China

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Chinese cuisine originated from various parts of China. This reflects the traditional cooking methods rise to different styles of food. There are eight famous Cuisines in China named from their originated region: Shangdong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Hunan cusines (廖华英). There are four out of eight, Sichuan (Chuan), Shandong (Lu), Cantonese (Yue or Guangdong) and Huaiyang (Jiangsu) cuisine, which are often greeted as leaders of Chinese food. It is slightly different division from Thailand that Thai major delicacies are divided following their originated areas such from the Northern, Southern, Central and Northeastern (Isan) (Bhumichitr).
In case of talking about the taste and some techniques, in Cantonese food, many cooking methods are used especially steaming and stir frying
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Balancing of flavors and not greasy of a dish is preferred, so that using of modest spices will not cover the primary flavors of the ingredients. With this cooking style, the flavors of the food freshness and quality will be the peak of the dish. There is no widespread use of fresh herbs in Cantonese cooking. Meanwhile, chili and pepper are greatly used in Sichuan cuisine and make it becomes well known for its spicy taste. The taste of Sichuan dish, sometimes two or more flavors are combined. Cooking method for Sichuan cuisine tends to use fast cooking. For example, one-minute stirring the liver to let it contain natural soft and tender. But if you are searching for “heavy and strong” in flavor and aroma, Shandong cuisine rises of this flavor due to their use of onions (or garlic and ginger) as a seasoning. Clear, fresh and fatty

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