Chinese Cuisine: The Culture Of Chinese Food

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Chinese Cuisine
America is a diverse nation that enjoys adding food from different parts of the world to its menu. In this case, America is in love with Chinese food, especially Chinese restaurants, takeout dinners and fortune cookies, (which are not really Chinese). This popularity is from all over the world where one cannot miss a restaurant or two providing these delicious fare. As with any food, there is a rich history behind this famous cuisine that anyone interested in learning how to cook this type of food should know. The Chinese view cooking as an art form that requires dedication to perfect each meal for those who eat it to enjoy. There are preparation techniques that are synonymous behind famous Chinese dishes and without the experiencing using them one cannot undertake the creating this dish. Furthermore, any chef needs to know that each cuisine is distinct to certain regions in China.
Chinese cooking
As with the culture of the Chinese people the art of cooking also follows the same philosophies of Taoism and Confucianism that is found in their way of life (Lo, Cushner and Wong 290). For the Chinese, for one to taste food one has to treasure the color, aroma, flavor and texture and their combination will form a harmonious dish. Confucius demonstrated that cutting food into little bite size portions before serving and knives had no place at the dining table. Above all, good table manners are important as well as food presentation (Lo, Cushner and
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