Chinese Cultural Differences

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In today 's world, the cross-cultural communication has become an indispensable content in people 's life, which is striking a focus in modern communication. But in communication, we often appear some unsatisfactory place, its reason is the cultural differences, one of the most outstanding is Chinese and western cultural differences. Chinese and western culture has always been the world 's two major factions, and diet in two cultures occupies very important position. Differences between Chinese and western culture so as to make the differences between Chinese and western diet culture, under the two different cultural background, Chinese and western diet custom, no matter in its characteristic function, and in many aspects, such as the…show more content…
Emphasizes harmony of Chinese reunification Traditional thought, Chinese Confucianism thinks harmony is most precious, it is the most wonderful thing in the state, not only reflected in the social life, but also apply in other ways, of course also include cooking ideas. Thoughts embodied in this contract is reflected in cooking is five reconcile with five elements of Yin and Yang of traditional Chinese culture to guide the harmonic, harmonic should accord with timing, and pay attention to the seasonal, can achieve the goal of delicious Both cooked food need to be done on the basis of the retention of plain, so Chinese food almost every dish with two or more of the raw materials and various spices to cooking. Even home cooking so, generally the main raw material is chosen meat and vegetable collocation to reconcile cooking, plus all sorts of spices. Chinese believe that put a variety of raw materials, ingredients and materials of taste and flavor seasoning coordinate combine together, such as a variety of chemical reagents, by this…show more content…
Differences in Cooking Methods China 's need for diet not only need to sustain life, but also a kind of aesthetic appreciation of the needs of the spirit to enjoy. In China, cooking is a kind of art, is a science, similar to other art, has its own technical and learning, so cooking has always been an art in China, the strong interest, even slightly game play, in other parts of China is often a variety of different cooking contest. It make a person dazzling cook and the manufacture craft has a profound knowledge, even the same dish, different cook could make a different flavor to dishes variety diverse, food and have their own local features. Western cuisine cooking methods are easier to learn compared with China. China 's demand for dressing by the cook according to experience, have a scoop of a small amount of a little amount, and the west of spices to add quantity to gram, in the west cook like the experimenter chemistry lab.This led to the western food taste color form a single, but western demand for food is not in the taste of food and color shape, but nutrition intake, the others don 't have any requirements. So western foods, is relatively single.

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