Chinese Culture And Culture Of Chinese And Taiwan

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Introduction Most people in Taiwan identify themselves as Taiwanese and not Chinese. However, they have started doing research about their origin and for the last two decades, the number is increasing. People in this country do not like being called Chinese but the fact that they are concerned about their indigenous heritage raises some questions. Taiwanese share many characteristics and origin with the Chinese. There are aspects of culture that were passed on to both of them that are related. This means that in one way or the other, both Chinese and Taiwanese have shared aspects of culture and tradition. It also means that the majority of the Taiwanese can or are trying to trace their origin and more so towards China. To determine why the Taiwanese have been increasingly concerned about their indigenous heritage and specifically with the Chinese, several aspects of culture and traditions ought to be investigated. Such aspects include family structure, social customs and daily life, elements of art, and sports and recreation. Additionally, the study will explore aspects of history and media and publishing. Elements of history used in support of this study include early history, early nationalist rule, and power succession in the country. Thus, although Taiwanese try to distance themselves with China, their indigenous heritage points to shares aspects of culture and tradition such as family structure, social customs, arts, and sports and recreation. Cultural Milieu Taiwanese

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