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张丹丹 Isa 11110121 Prof. Francesca de Lucia Academic Writing 2015.1.5 The influence of Chinese culture on the world 1. Introduction China is one of the oldest countries in the world, it is an oriental ancient civilization with a long history. Without any doubt, the Chinese culture is well-established, extensive and profound. For thousands of years, the Chinese nation has made great contribution to human civilization. The ancient culture once had great influence on the world,such as Japan, South Korea and other Asian and European countries(Zhang 36). Analysis of the influence of Chinese culture on the world are as follows: 2. The influence of Chinese culture on Asia 2.1 Influence on Japan The Sino Japanese cultural exchange history can be traced…show more content…
And the spirit of teaism was also became popular in these two countries. What’s more, different with Japan, who payed great attention to Chinese teaism, Korean developed its own Korean tea ceremony. And as the aspect of raiment culture, we can found that no matter Japanese kimono or Korean traditional clothes, more or less, they imitate Tang suit. For example, lots of Chinese element such as silk, embroidery and dragon and phoenix pattern were all used in making Japanese and Korean traditional clothes. 2.3 Influence on other Asian countries The influence of Chinese culture to Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Thailand and other neighboring countries can be traced back to the period of Qin Dynasty[ ]. Chinese paper-making technology, printing, calendar, medicine, currency, language culture and music drama had a profound influence on these countries. With the existence of “Maritime Silk Road”, Chinese merchant ships carried large amounts of silk, chinaware and gold to those countries we call Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, India, Singapore and Sri Lanka today. Nowadays, there are many Chinese immigrants living in these countries. And these Chinese still inherit the Chinese traditional culture. 3.The influence of Chinese culture on European…show more content…
Conclusion As one of the four ancient civilizations, Chinese culture has made outstanding contribution to the development of the world since ancient time. And in recent years, there are more and more Confucius Institutes being built all around the world,which shows that our Chinese culture become much more popular than ever. In short, Chinese culture is the accumulation of Chinese history, which makes Chinese culture colorful and prosperous. As Chinese citizens, we should learn and inherit the excellent Chinese traditional culture, because it can guide us to become a better person. Work Cited: Boye Lafayette De Mente. The Chinese Mind: Understanding Traditional Chinese Beliefs and their Influence on Contemporary Culture. Tuttle Publishing,2009. 毛福平,《发明创造之路》,四川:少年儿童出版社,1992。 [Mao Fuping. Fa Ming Chuang Zao Zhi Lu. Sichuan: Sichuan Children Press, 1992.] 任心宇,《中华文学三千年》,福建:福建教育出版社,1994。 [Ren Xinyu, Zhong Hua Wen Hua San Qian Nian. Fujian: Fujian Educational Press,1994.] 张岱年,《中国文化概论》,北京:北京师范大学出版社,2004。 [Zhang Dainian. Introduction to Chinese culture. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press,

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