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Personal Statement

I would like to confirm that it is my motivating of Chinese culture that ignited my passion for cultural and creative industry. As a Tourism Management major student, I was able to explore the Chinese diversified cultures and landscapes, which offered me an insightful understanding of the Chinese cultural development. Under the guidance of commercialization, some cultural heritages have developed into huge tourism souvenir markets full of counterfeit and shoddy products. The over-commercialization reveals the fact that the Chinese culture is facing a severe situation. The country calls for a better cultural development strategy, which cultural and creative industry can offer.

During the past four years, I have laid a solid academic foundation at Jinan University (JNU). I totally immersed myself into the study of Chinese culture and heritages.
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I designed a tea house entrepreneurship based on our humble understanding of Chinese tea culture. In China, tea has been a part of the people’s life. However, with the acceleration of the pace of life, spending one hour to enjoy a cup of tea has become an extravagance for few people. Therefore, our tea house entrepreneurship targeted at the middle and high income white-collar workers who have adequate economic capability, but little spare time after work, and trying to spread Chinese tea culture. To attract more customers, our plan combined the traditional factors with modern components. Besides the traditional items, such as the traditional music, cross talk and dancing performance, some new items were also added into our plan, like the scented tea, milk tea, tea meals and the DIY pottery making, etc. Our detailed entrepreneurship plan, which created a new business model of tea house, was high praised the professors of our university. This experience not only improved my understanding of tea culture, but also deepened my understanding of

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