Importance Of Chopsticks

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Register to read the introduction…Before lunch, they usually provide a moist and warm cloth to cleanse hands. The menu is placed in the center of the table. Each guest is given a bowl with a plate, a spoon, a pair of chopsticks and a little salsa. Fills your bowl placed over other foods or previously dipped in salsa before mouthing with chopsticks. Usually it starts with a local specialty, and then poultry dishes are served and eventually fish. That 's when the soup is taken, although sometimes served before the fish. Chinese accompanying cold appetizers with fruit wines and in the main meals, with hot rice wine. Education is a vital issue for Chinese: we must never show impatience, be tardy or introduce incorrectly dressed. Nor should we interrupt someone who is speaking, it is an act very rude. Should not let them personal questions, but are big loving family, but maybe they did make him a more personal question. They feel very curious about the Western world, and all its customs and way of life. The Chinese do not typically use a "no" or "do not know"; rather they try to give a positive or at least hesitant response. They discuss some travelers who usually never accept their own…show more content…
They think this is a sign of interest. Therefore, never throw the card to the target table or in your pocket or card without looking. Neither considered polite, save the cards below the waistline (ie trouser pockets, back pocket, etc.). Whatever the way to take the card, try to never clog the name with your finger, for what may be considered an offense or at least they can disturb (is attributed to the name printed on the card is a physical representation of his spirit
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