Chinese Culture: The Culture Of The Chinese And Western Culture

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The Chinese, like other Eastern cultures, are quite protocol, but not as much as might be Japanese. However we must maintain at all times a great care and consideration to people with whom we are dealing.

The Chinese people are very hard working and intelligent; They are very hospitable and gracious people; offer and show all their culture to visitors who come to the country, but the eastern courtesy has nothing to do with the West, as is usually always very protocol. The Chinese have a peculiar variety of ways: for example, when greeting is not well seen giving kisses and hugging, because they do not like expressing their feelings in public.

The greetings are made with a slight nod, although they are quite westernized and is also increasingly accepted the handshake. But hugging or kissing, or between women are not customary.

Your meals are varied and always often accompanied by a variety of sauces. For Chinese food is an event whose purpose is to provide joy, happiness and pleasure. A meal, they could call typical in China consists of a plate of rice or pasta followed by three, four or five fine dishes, with diners seated on cushions around a low table height.

Chopsticks are used to eat and to take food, but after lunch, never left in the dish, but next to the plate; is proper funeral leave in the dish. Do not drink until the host has not raised his glass. Nor is served you never in your own glass, but serve the other diners, which will return the kindness, filling

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