American Dream Vs Chinese Dream

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The American Dream and Chinese Dream are completely different as an idea, principles, concept and so on. It is logical however due to the different cultures that we face in both examples. Not all people share the same beliefs and attitude. In this report we are going to study the concept of the two sets of Dreams and summarize their main characteristics, values and what are their main and basic differences.

The American Dream, the Chinese Dream, and National Identities

The American Dream was first introduced by James Adams in 1931. As Adams Smith said, the American Dream should be a ‘dream of land where which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement’. The
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Nationalism, socialism, developmentalism, revitalization, and happiness. According to Alan Brittingham nationalism seperates selves from others. (Brittingham, The Role of Nationalism in Chinese Foreign Policy: A Reactive Model of Nationalism and Conflict, Journal of Chinese Political Science 12, no. 2, 2007:149). Realization in Chinese Dream is additionally very important and states that personal interest has to sacrifices for the general society and nation. Besides, based to Xi Jimping words, Chinese Dream can achieved provided that follows Socialism. Jimping was a supporter of the socialist market economy and he supported that there is no difference between socialism and capitalism. The CPC estimated that China is the first stages of socialism. Fourthly, developmentalism, is the central drive for the country for their relations in the China and outside (international). According to Chinese Dream developmentalism is homogeneous to Chinese government and rules. Lastly, revitalization as a meaning speaks about the creation of hard power. Hard power is the growing importance of the soft power. Joseph Nye tried to explain what is soft power ":the ability to shape the preferences of others through the attraction of one's values, culture and policies, as well as the active export of Chinese values is closely associated with China's hope for a more favorable international environment and its desire to expand its…show more content…
(Breuilly, Nationalism and the State, 2nd edn, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1985). Furthermore, there is no standard meaning that covers everything to explain national identity but many. The main liability for the formation of national identity lies by people's. For instance nations citizens, non nations citizens or member of diaspora etc. Each person has the responsibility of having specific attitudes and approach. National Dream is expected to give as a sample to surround the whole nation's ambitions and to make people feel enthusiastic for one feasible success. In the Chinese Dream as package consists of three characteristics: the fulfillment of Chinese people, the recovery of China as a nation and the wealth of the country. In one more modern meaning of the Dream in a according to global network states that culture, is the main characteristic and takes the most significant role and importance. Arjun Appadurai, an anthropologist, states that with by globalizing cultures adopts new ideologies and as a result is produced a new ''heterogeneous dialogues''. According Appadurai there are five characteristics to explain the modern global diversity. Ethnoscapes, technoscapes, finanscapes,mediascapes and ideoscapes. These 'scapes' influence culture by their oppositions and different- tendencies (Appadurai
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