Chinese Foot Bindings In The Fifth Chinese Daughter

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Prince 1 Chinese Foot binding was a tortuous form of beauty that lasted for around 1,000 years. It was a tradition that lasted far longer than it should have. It was a huge part of Chinese history that is now seen as backward or barbaric. The practice did not end too long ago, as there are still people alive with bound feet. However, many don’t really know what foot binding is. This essay will teach you all about the tragic tradition. This writing was inspired by a quote in The Fifth Chinese Daughter, where food binding is briefly mentioned. In the story, the father writes to his wife, “Do not bind our daughters’ feet. Here in America is an entirely different set of standards, which does not require that women sway helplessly on little feet to qualify them for good matches..” (72). Today, it is illegal to bind a girl’s feet. But the bitter taste still lingers on our tongues from the realization that this horror was recent, and that woman alive still hold the memories of their feet being bound. We all now know that Chinese footbinding was a terrible practice of mutilating little girl’s feet for the vacuous reason of “beauty”. Binding the feet was a tradition for beauty and status, passed down from mother to daughter. When a girl got to a marriageable age, the mother-in-law would inspect the girl’s feet. “as children, their(a young girl’s) feet were systematically broken and shaped in such a way that they resembled hooves.” (explained by The Atlantic). This mutilation was

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