Roles Of Men And Women In Ancient Taoism

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In the ancient Taoism, we described men and women as representation of two peaks. Men were the “Yang” side, and women were the “Yin” side. The medical concept was originally used to record and classify the biological phenomenon of human being in two sexes, which ultimately became what ancient Chinese use to define genders. Not just Chinese people, other cultures also have the same misunderstanding. However, biological and psychological difference is not the main contributor of the gender issue according to the experts.
Admittedly, women and men are genitally different. Women can bear children, while men cannot. In the mean time, men and women are also different in body features. Men have an average of 10 to 15 percent larger body contour than
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Under the effect of culture and society, people arrogantly classified men and women into two completely different species after their birth. Considering about the historical background of this stereotype, the existence of inequality is understood. This classification was functional. Under the relatively rough survival condition, the roles of women and men had to be very clear in order to function well. However, despite their disappear, they even extend to a far more complex. In order to highlight the innate traits of men and women - People educate them with different standards and manners. Men are physically powerful and women are emotionally resourceful, which led to the diversified education. Men was deemed to be tuff both physically and mentally (Ehrlich). The education then fully reflects this image. Since their young age, men are asked to play sports, explore outside, and act aggressively, so that they meet the requirement as “physically tuff”. In order to make them “mentally tuff”, the parents offered less care about their emotional life - resolve the puzzle by themselves or restrain their own emotions. This is completely inverted in the education of women. Women are deemed to be emotional and graceful. Rather than limit their emotional requirement, the parents put more constraints on their behavior. Women should dressed well, rely on their husband, and take care of family instead of work independently. Such rigorous…show more content…
The era in which men need to fight and women need to breed has already faded. We should made the boundary between men and women more obscure especially in their young age and more focused on individuals. The logic behind is to maximize the advantage of individual and give “outliers” equal chance as others. Not all the boy like to play sports. The evidence of Walker shows that some boys might have interests over the so called “girlish stuff”. They could like reading over gaming, enjoy flower rather than basketball, and engage in emotional fiction rather than military magazine. However, under the uniformed education, Walker’s boy was certainly was repulsed. The outliers do not have the right to choose and to be respected (Walker). If the concept of “reading is girlish stuff” is removed, Walker’s boy definitely would not question his own interests and even feel natural to pursuit his hobbies. Also, the recent trends shows that the mathematic and scientific subjects are not something exclusive for boys. Some girls can perform far more well than boys in the scientific field. However, the educational system still stubbornly recognized female students as artistic and literary. According to the statistic of Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), famous tech school which encourage female scientists, only 35 percent of students who study in scientific field are female.
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