Chinese Immigrants In America

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Chinese immigration in America began with the California Gold Rush. The pictures describe some of the experiences in which they underwent before and during their venture to California. The first trivial group of Chinese immigrants began their arrival in San Francisco, where the rigid racism became obvious, it is being said that Chinese immigrants came to America for the same reason as other cultures as was looking to work hard and make large amounts of money. Nationals expressed discontent and racism against the sudden immigrants arrival, it was not a pleasant moment to see them move to America. Therefore, nationals expressed their sentiment as racially and culturally inferior. americans racial and cultural behaviours against them believed Chinese were intruders, racially and culturally inferior. The Chinese cramped living conditions in which they survived were one of the different diseases cause. Also their badly prepared foods, the barracks were unfurnished, the limited garments, the undignified toilets, and the lack of immunizations, and poor diets contributed to the fast decease growth. The government saw not good in the face of the Chinese immigrants. There was a strong demonstrations of injustice racism, when the legislature passed the Foreign Miners Tax to work on gold claims as…show more content…
Miners decided to abandon the digging and dirt, also, the war and starvation for what they believed could sustain better options to become even more prosperous as it was the farming jobs. All the damaged caused to their human spirit of self-esteem exausted them. Therefore, began their new farming journey, they accepted all the jobs that others would not consider, Chinese were in the land of milk and honey, it provided such high earnings that were able to bring their families to California from their home country “China”.
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