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The Influence of Kējǔ on China and Foreign Countries

The Imperial Examination System of China (Chinese: 科舉; pinyin: kējǔ) has originated more than fourteen hundred years ago and, until its abolishment in 1904, has been the main method of appointing government officials. Though containing some serious drawbacks, it was still uncommonly progressive for its time and has left a remarkable heritage. This essay is dedicated to discussing the impact of Imperial Examination System on Chinese society, politics and culture, as well as its influence on other countries.
Praises and Positive Effects The Chinese civil service examination system was the first such system in the world and possessed several important advantages worth examining. First and
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Thus, even elite families were concerned with producing a male offspring that would then bring honour to the family by participating in the examinations. In fact, it was not even necessary to pass the examinations to be a respected member of society. There were candidates who continuously failed one exam after another and later became writers, physicians or teachers to young sons of privileged families (1, p. 95; 3, p. 289). Overall, it can be said that becoming classically educated had become a certification of one’s status and was valued more than genealogy. Though imperial civil service was abolished in 1904, the lifelong learning habit still manifests itself in Chinese culture. Also, civil service examinations remain an important objective for many Chinese citizens. More than a million applicants have decided to participate in the civil service entrance exams. 9,837 people have applied for a single position in the general office of the China Democratic League's Central Committee (4). Chinese people continue to strive for service and demonstrate respect towards learning and

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