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Since the start of time and people are moving around and trying to find shelter. When humans decided to settle and live in one location of land that caused the creation of many great civilizations. One of the greatest civilizations of all time is the ancient Chinese, which is the home of many dynasties such as the Han, Xia, Xi’an, and many more. The dynasty that we are discussing for our project is the Xi’an by comparing its past and present in the following topics which are geography, population, culture, transportation, government and finally trade. Firstly Xi’an is located in the east of Western China in the middle of The Huanghe River. Xi’an is in the center of China. Xi’an has many natural landmarks such as Mountain Qinling, which is…show more content…
It was recognized for it is valuables treasures of art and culture since decades. Also it is known for its diversity and uniqueness. Chinese lanterns are considered as symbol that represent china globally .Originally it was designed for practical reasons, but soon it was transformed into an icon that’s represent china .Chinese lanterns come in different shapes, forms and style. When it was manufactured initially it was to protect the flame from windy weather and to provide better lightning. Then years later it became an expressive object for art creativity and design experiments especially at the ancient lantern festival .where citizens competed for the most impressive design. Another symbol that represents Chinese culture is martial art. It was based on an ancient philosophy then it was developed later on as an exercise, self-defense against wild beasts and a way of discipline .The spring festival is considered as the heritage of China as it practiced for more than 4000 years .This event is celebrated based on certain religious belief where a sacrifice should be fulfilled at the end of each year to the god and prayers for the…show more content…
However, in the present time they use airplanes, railways (trains, metro) taxi, bicycle, and long-distance bus . Xi’an has airports like Airport Shuttle & Taxi.(Xi’an transportation, n.d). Xi’an is the first city in western china that has rail transportation. Presently, there are more than 10,000 taxis transporting in Xi’an, and transporting by bicycles is the best way to transport around the ancient city and everywhere (Xi’an transportation, n.d).
Xi'an became a political centre of China for the first time at the 11th century BCE with the founding of the Zhou dynasty. Traditionally 202 BEC the founding date of Chang'an, or Xi'an. The Opium Wars was the turning point for China to reform into a semi-colonial and semi-feudalist country. After The Opium Wars the communist party in china established the People's Republic of China in Beijing on 1 October

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