Chinese Lunar Calendar Essay

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Chinese lunar calendar was first discoveredduring Qing dynasty in an emperors tomb 700 years ago, the said chart was created according to ancient Chinese wisdom based on Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the Eight Trigrams and other esoteric Asian mysteries, though one may wonder how exactly they came up with that figure what matters is the reality of its accuracy and preciseness. As of now, the chart was currently residing in Beijing Institute of Science where it lies and used as national artifact. The calendar was not only intended to predict the gender of the baby, it is also made to allow parents to choose gender by conceiving during certain lunar months. (
The Chinese lunar birth method becomes needy and in demand for the reason that the government policies of China requires couples to limit reproduction to a single child. The beauty thing about the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart is that it predicts the sex of the child long before a
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Eduardo Villamor, he stated the Chinese Lunar calendar was no more accurate than flipping a fair of coin. He pointed out that they approach the superstitions with an open mind and it also made for just curiosity purposes only. To justify the accuracy rate of the Chinese lunar calendar method, Dr. Eduardo Villamor and his team of epidemiologist reviewed records of 2.8 million or 2 840 755 to be specific Swedish woman births, between 1973 and 2006. The test involves converting the mother's age and the month of conception to dates on the Chinese lunar calendar, then plugging those dates into a chart that purportedly predicts the baby's sex. The gender predicting system could be done by a calculating system or by locating the two factors (mother lunar age and the date of conception) into a chart that is slowly gaining popularity

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