Chinese Modern History

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My research topic is "Perceptions of Chinese Modern History in China's Middle School History Textbooks". Through study of history textbook, I will advance the knowledge on this aspect and promote the understanding of Chinese people today. There are three parts to explain why I choose this topic to get more understanding of Chinese things.
The first is the reason why I choose the history textbook in middle school. Because history book contained the basic historical fact and historical consciousness which government allows. No matter which social system a country has, it is a general premise that history textbook serves the national mission and goal by making students be proud of their own countries. Especially in China, such as a socialist
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In this time, Chinese national pride had been deeply wounded as a result of China’s humiliation experience with Western and Japanese invasion. Chinese people called this period (roughly from the First Opium War in 1839 to establishing ROC in 1949) “One hundreds of years of humiliation”. Although China has risen rapidly as a global economic power, national humiliation remains a prominent theme in Chinese society. Also, it was the first time that China escaped the Chinese world view. The Chinese before modern time viewed their country as the “Tianxia” and others as barbarian. After forging Nanjing treaties, the Chinese started to identify their county as one of the nations in the world. In other words, modern China is the most impressive period to today’s Chinese people in terms of emotional aspect as well as gave much of the credit for being ROC. Therefore, I strongly agree that historical consciousness of modern China can help to understand how Chinese has identified themselves as well as become aware of the outside…show more content…
There are many factors to influence on the description of textbook and these will not be argued in my research. But generally speaking, the content of textbook is changed as time passed. As editor chooses the different historical facts or narrative, history book can make another historical consciousness. Therefore, I will examine different generation’s history textbooks in that these make me get wide knowledge and understand various point of view.
In conclusion, I will investigate on history textbook for middle school by PEP (hereinafter referred to as the textbook) of several generations to find the noticeable perception of modern history. It is certain that it is useful to advance the knowledge on historical view and understand the Chinese people
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