Chinese Nationalism Case Study

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Nationalism entered the political world being a very constructive idea, which led to formation and strength of nation states. But, as the time strolled, analysts, and scholar realized of the devastations tethered to the idea of nationalism. The idea had been an underlying force pushing the 20th century politics and studying the past experiences we analyze that it had been quiet a deteriorating ideas also. here, we intend to analyze the Chinese Nationalism and its impact over Chinese Foreign Policy. But, in order to do that we can’t merely, get an understanding out of European Nationalist movements and apply that understanding over Chinese Nationalism Case Study. For to understand China’s Case study we need to search for origins of Chinese Nationalism…show more content…
We will analyze realism to make this analysis, as the concepts of this theory had been determinants of Chinese Politics since ages. That is to say, they deem State as the primary actor in world politics that the international political system is anarchic and in his eparchial system most important of all things is to serve the state’s interest. Since, system if anarchical, so the state has to be powerful beyond limit to not only pursue its interest but also to exert pressures and maintain its impact over other…show more content…
As only understanding the history, which plays a vital role if defining their course of foreign and security policy. Before, 19th century, there was no idea of nationalism prevailing in China, in fact she was recognized as an Empire more of a 5000 years old Great Civilization whose basis was it value system and culture. It was known as a Confucian Hierarchical Ordered State. The governance focused more over the center than the periphery. Their relations with others states were the extension to their domestic policies. But this all changed by 19th century specifically Opium Wars of 1840. According to John Merson, the birth Year and event of Chinese Nationalism is 1919 at Versailles. As, the agreements done after the World War 1, were all very unexpected for Chinese in fact they were infuriating as their aspired territories where all given to Japan. This made China realize the very harsh fact of world politics, i-e, more the state is strong more would be exerting influence and more would it be gaining her interests. This was the paradigm change in the states mindset so after that the direction of their changed also, they started believing that in order to gain status in international arena they need to portray themselves as a modern nation state as Tiananmen Square was first manifestation of public Nationalistic Sentiments expressed on May 4th

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