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For any country in the New Year is a very special and very important a way to celebrate festival, New Year is a very worth to make people happy and memory of a holiday, the New Year, is the first day of the year, to most countries in the world. Countries around the world, especially in ancient times has a different date, the modern system of most countries in the world for the calendar on January 1. Below for the Chinese New Year, Spring Festival is Chinese traditional culture on the lunar New Year, commonly known as the "festival", the traditional name for the New Year again, year, New Year, but verbally, celebrates the New Year, New Year's day is also called the degree of years old. The Chinese Spring Festival has a history…show more content…
New Year's day will be three days off so New Year's day is a important festival in China, people generally to ancestor worship, eat dumplings, watch lanterns, become each Chinese people spend the New Year every family a habit. China also separated from the south and the north, I would say the different characteristics of Chinese New Year customs, north and south in the north because of the weather is very cold in the north of China, belongs to the long days and short nights. Since New Year's day People will kill animals at home as food for people in the New Year, the north has some characteristics of the New Year food dumplings and rice cakes, and also some children eat ice-sugar gourd, the significance of thriving in the New Year. Chinese New Year customs ,The Spring Festival is discarded old change the day of the new things, during this period, the people will be busy Such as cleaning the room, wash bath, ready to Chinese New Year decorations and so on. The Spring Festival is the wish of praying to

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