Chinese New Year Essay: My Chinese New Year

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My Chinese New Years It has been the common knowledge that Chinese New Year is related to the red colors. Therefore, the red clothes are usually worn in the Chinese New Year celebration. However, did you know that Chinese New Years celebration was forbidden to be celebrated in the public places in 1968-1999? It happened due to the President Soeharto’s governmental system. On the other hand, Chinese New Year which is the celebration of the Tionghoa ethnic, could be celebrated in the public places after the year of 2000 due to the President Abdurahman Wachid’s governmental system. That wise governmental rule had been the happiness for all Tionghoa families, especially my family. My family comes from the Tionghoa ethnic without any combinations from the other ethnics. Therefore, in order to actualize the Chinese tradition, the Chinese New Year would always be celebrated happily in my big family. As I know, during the Chinese New Year, most of the Tionghoa families would celebrate this special celebration from the day before the Chinese New Year celebration until the fifteen days after Chinese New Year celebration. It also appears in my family, since my main family has the special tradition for the day…show more content…
The second day of Chinese New Year could be the day for our guests. Some of my parents’ friends and their families would visit our house and have their breakfast or lunch in my house. They would have the conversation with my parents while I would help my maid or mother in the kitchen to serve the food. It is the exciting moment for us since my parents love to welcome the guests in our house. I also feel that welcoming the guests would be useful for my youngest sister. She could be taught that she has to socialize with others instead of playing by her own

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