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As early as the Tang, Song, numbers of scholars and theater lovers began to explore the origin of Chinese Opera enthusiastically. In the knowledge of the majority, Chinese opera is very comprehensive, which is a combination of a variety of artistic factors from the integration . However, this may not completely be the truth. In this paper, the misconception about the origin of Chinese Opera will be discuss, and proved with the assistance of evidence.

In the common statement, the origin of Chinese are mainly the labour, song and dance. However, there is an

Literature review

"General History of Chinese Opera”
To better understand the orientation of the Chinese opera, Zhang Geng and Guo Seoul wrote "General History of Chinese
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The original era has existed song and dance and that all originates from labor. They found that dancing may be a primitive religious ritual before going hunting, or a ceremony after returning from hunting.

Review on the literature
Without a doubt, the literature is an important study in the field of Chinese opera. They completed the "General History of Chinese Opera" with three years of preparation. It did not only absorbs the previous research results, but also tries hard to make new exploration

However, their may be some mistake in the concept. The origin of drama is indeed closely related to the original song and dance, especially the original hunting and dancing. But the reason why humans in the early years of song and dance should not just to experience the joy. Songs and dances also have their own origins as art and even some utilitarian purpose.

“New Theory of the Origin and Development of Traditional
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According to the definition and evidence, sacrificial rituals is the the origin of Chinese opera.

Part A The definition and characteristic of Chinese Opera.

Part 2 Witchcraft actually do not match with the characteristic of Chinese opera.
主要针对内容元素方面而言 / 主要指形式方面的根本转变。

Part C
The origins of Chinese opera have in common with the origins of other ancient plays in the world

Drama originated in primitive rituals is common for all ancient theatricals in the world.
In the world, we humans have three kinds of ancient drama and culture: ancient Greek drama, ancient Indian Van Gogh drama, Chinese opera, but only the Chinese drama survived until now.

Ancient Greek drama originated in Bacchanal worship
Ancient Greek drama originated in Bacchanal worship. According to many foreign scholars research, ancient Greek culture affected by the ancient Egyptian culture before that, Egypt has appeared primitive sacrificial drama long before that. Ancient Greeks are pantheists, believing that every phenomenon in nature is caused by the power of God, and Dionysos is the god of life.In the ceremony, his pain, death, resurrection are arranged into

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