Chinese Parenting Culture

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Culture is a common factor that makes actions of a given person or a group of people different from that of another group of people or individuals. It is primarily a system of shared beliefs, values, behaviors and objects. This paper will focus on two different cultures, Chinese and American, on the issue of parenting. The two different cultures have different aspects when it comes to parenting.
Chinese and American cultures differ when it comes to parenting. American culture tends to complement a child and praise unlike Chinese who tend to criticize. There are main instances where Chinese Americans have been treated with a complimentary lifestyle in school but have a different culture of criticism when they are back at home. It is very confusing
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The American parents are seen to be accommodating when it comes to many issues of raising children. Chinese parenting is more abrasive than Americans. A Chinese parent, for example, will be violent in an aspect that they feel is not right with their children. They can beat their adolescent youth if they put on clothes is not right while an American will more likely to embrace the clothing (, 2017). American parents will request their children about something that needs to be done unlike their Chinese counterparts who will want to command that they do them…show more content…
A clear difference is the vowel sounds. The northern Aboriginal languages for example have three major vowel sounds i, a, u written which are written and pronounced with northern Aboriginal sound this is different from English which stresses on the letters i, a, and u. With Arandic languages for example, the letter “e” is used after the letters for example “w” and before a consonant to produce the sound “u” as in the case of “put” (, 2017). Furthermore, the use of male nouns in some languages such as American English shapes how humans think about the world. In old books preferably the one for children for example, the use of the word “mailman”, “chairman” or “deliveryman” were said to affect how children think about such jobs. They give a feeling to the kids that such jobs belong to men. This has changed in the contemporary American society which has resorted to using words such as “person” in place of where “man” was to result to words such as “chairperson” instead of “chairman.”
Conclusively, it is evident that culture is one aspect that is approached differently from various cultures. From this research, it can be argued that American parenting is more liberal than that of Chinese which is more conservative. They tend to have different
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