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If you love to eat you will love to live in China. In China, you will have a chance to taste huge amounts of Chinese pastries. As I am Chinese, I have eaten many kinds of Chinese pastries; egg tart, melon cake/ wife cake, moon cake, sesame ball and New Year cake. Chinese pastries have a long history. In general, Chinese pastries can be divided into three types: bake, deep fry, and steam. Melon cake/wife cake and Walnut shortbread belong to baked goods. Chinese doughnut and Sesame ball belong to deep fry. New Year cake and Cantonese sponge cake belong to steamed goods. Also, some pastries have filling, some have no filling. For example, Walnut shortbread, Chinese doughnut, Chinese New Year cake and Cantonese sponge cake have no filling. Melon cake/wife cake, Sesame ball have filling. What’s more, different areas have different pastries. In the south of China, people prefer to have sweet…show more content…
In general, red bean, green bean, and green onion are the common filling used in pastries. Do you want to know more Chinese pastries? Follow me and I will bring you into my Chinese pastries world.

Area (south& north)

Now, I am going to introduce you some famous pastries in south of China. One of the famous baked pastries in China is Egg tart. People usually eat it at breakfast time. Not only bakery, most of the restaurants sell it in breakfast time. The filling is similar to custard which is also made from egg, milk and sugar. The tart shell is made from puff dough,but we use lard instead of butter. The filling tastes like creme caramel but softer than it.The outside of the Egg tart, the texture is flaky. A long, long time ago, a man made a special pastry for his wife who he really love. People in order to commemorate this story; they named this pastry “Wife cake”. Wife cake is a famous Chinese baked pastry as well. This is a very common pastry in the south of China, especially in Canton and Hongkong. It is filled with melon paste, so you can

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