Chinese Popular Religion

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The Chinese religion have 394 million adherents, and 150,000 are in North America. Although they are unsure about what their religion is because, it is a combination of “separate elements: traditional religion, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism (Taoism)” (Corduan, 2012, p. 388). These elements are significant to the Chinese Popular Religion. This essay aims to summarize the key features of Chinese Popular Religion, describe key religious practices for an adherent of Chinese Popular Religion, describe the role of traditional Chinese religion in contemporary Chinese society, describe how the growth of Christianity and other religions have impacted contemporary Chinese society, and offer an example of how you think Christians might enhance their…show more content…
These teachings are the reflection that a person in the Chinese society might experience today. With these three teachings, there must be a balanced view of the opposite concepts of all three schools on thoughts (Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism in China, 2011). For example, Buddhism, stresses on the nature of the mind and psychology; Daoism teaches on the human body and the health, and Confucianism, teaches on political concepts in social harmony (Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism in China, 2011). The “two distinctive traits that characterized early Chinese religion and continue to influence Chinese beliefs and practices to this day: the alliance of the political community with religion, and the reliance on divination” (Corduan, 2012, p. 391-392). Corduan states that the “intertwining of society and religion are significant for two reasons” (Corduan, 2012, p. 392). The first one is “political failure engendered religious creativity”, and “second the configuration of the government set the pattern for the configuration of the religion” (Corduan, 2012, p. 392). The 2nd distinguishing attribute, dependence on divination, stresses the concept “that…show more content…
And the story of their ancestor and legacy tells of what kind of people they were, and what they honored. “It is ingrained deeply in the Chinese mind that once there was a time when everything worked according to an ideal pattern” (Corduan, 2012). The meaning to this passage is why contemporary Chinese culture holds on to the tradition because it could happen again. This also reveal the union of governmental community with religion. Although there has been countless time that China’s government ruled over the religion, and now there is hope that id does not need to be that same way again because it was different back then. For the flow of the world to work, it had to be balanced and the traditional Chinese religion focused their beliefs on yin and yang to bring that about. The “good” and “evil” is what yin and yang is about, however, the correct way is when things are working together is what brings balance, and that is why it is a common misconception for yin and
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